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Our story

Who We Are

Sol’eart is the amalgamation of bead art and quirky fashion, influenced by pop art that mirrors the contemporary lifestyle of today.

We create exquisite hand-embroidered footwear, bags and earrings! All our products are vegan and are created by skilled artisans of India.

The designs are initially designed, rendered and painted by our founder and then transformed into embroidery patterns for our fashion accessories. Tune in for more magic from us.

From the Founder's Desk

I have always loved the way pop-art artists brush and define their vibrant, colourful and attractive art. As much as that intrigues me, I have always been captivated by all the artisans in our country who embroider breathtaking pieces of art, with the help of just a basic needle, glass beads and thread-work.

So I wanted to combine both of these to create something different. Something unique with everything to do with fashion, yet everything to do with comfort. It dawned on me, why not create “footwear” –  which by the way I am so obsessed with! 

My first sample was embroidered by me and created by a humble cobbler using all vegan raw materials. After receiving immense compliments for my first pair, I decided to create a batch of 18 pairs in the same design which were sold out within the blink of an eye. That is when I realised I needed to create more. I need to create “Sol’eart”!

A group of talented Artisans and Master-craft Shoemakers joined our team to make my vision come true. Every pair is a piece of sustainable art that is handcrafted and embroidered with love from our team. 

We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Fields of expertise

Our Raison d'être

We, at Sol’eart aspire to be that brand that reintegrates the artisans of our country to create beautiful artistry and provide our customers a fascinating experience by bringing together fashion and comfort coupled with excellence in design as well as raw materials. And that is when we will have a “happy customer” to make “Happy us!”


Each piece is designed and handcrafted by a team of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen to achieve those mesmerising, lively, zesty, pop-artsy styles.


With every collection launch, we challenge ourselves to produce designs & embroideries that are unique, fresh and we strive to create powerful stories that every clientele – from a child or a teenager to an adult can relate to and would love to wear. And that is when we at Sol’eart have fulfilled our design aesthetics and our mission.

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