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The Frill Fête features an eye-catching design with green and pink frill at the front. The frills are carefully crafted to add a touch of movement and flair.
The pièce de résistance of these heels is the large bow adorning the back. Bold and beautifully tied, the bow adds a touch of drama and sophistication. Its prominent placement ensures that it stands out, making the Frill Fête a true statement piece.

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Step by Step how to measure your foot
1.Draw a straight line on a piece of paper and place it on a flat surface.
2. Stand on the piece of paper centralising the longest toe and your heel and place a mark on the front of the longest toe and the heel at the back.
3. Repeat the same on the other foot.
4. Measure both the feet and use the larger measurement as your size.
5. Refer to the chart here to get your correct size!
2 4 35 21
3 5 36 22
4 6 37 23
5 7 38 24
6 8 39 25
7 9 40 26
8 10 41 27
9 11 42 28